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    Design Service:
    Custom Photo & Design is an experienced service bureau providing Printed Circuit Board design and photo tooling expertise on a contract basis for the electronics industry.  For over 30 years, word of our outstanding track record with regional clients has been spreading steadily across the US and beyond.  In fact, you’ll now find our designs on all seven continents, including Antarctica.
    Our client list is impressive but confidential.  Suffice to say that our designs are probing the ocean’s depths, escaping the outermost reaches of the sun’s gravitational field, and enabling just about everything that rolls, flies, talks, calculates, caches, crushes or cooks.  We’re in everything from mainframes to missiles and from satellites to sewing machines.  We do things right.  We do them on time.  And, we always let you be the hero.
    Design for Manufacturabilty:
    Our specialty is in designing for ease and economy of manufacture.  Whether you realize it or not, your CP&D designed boards may save enough on the assembly line to improve your competitive price advantage.  It’s just the way we work.  We can’t help it, so there’s no extra charge.
    Leave the Upgrades to Us:
    Having trouble with surface mount technology?  Parts directions, pad sizes, mounting lengths?  Upgrading older designs to SMT design technology is how we built our business.  All CP&D designs conform to the latest IPC standards.
    Necessary conversions and upgrades may be time consuming to you, but we’re a leader in reliability and timely delivery.  Leave the upgrades to us, so you can focus on your own inventions.
    Engineering Changes:
    At Custom Photo & Design, engineering changes take precedence over new work.  We know what’s at stake, and we know what it’s like to be down to the wire.  After all, we do it every day, and we love it.
    Customer changes are facts of life in our business.  We allow minor changes during the course of a new design at no additional charge, right up to the time of final output.
    Timing is Everything:
    A normal job takes two to three weeks.  We can deliver more complex work in even less time for a reasonable premium.  We will not accept a job if we cannot meet your schedule.
    Save on FAB Premium Charges:
    The logic is simple.  Your FAB house charges a lot more than we do for rush jobs.  A lot more.  When you ask CP&D to rush your design job, you’ll be so far ahead of schedule that the FAB house can take their own sweet time.  You might even have a chance to shop around.
    Your Own Personal Designer:
    Your job is assigned to a CP&D design specialist who will manage the project from beginning to end.  As long as you’re satisfied, this design specialist will remain your single point of contact within our company for subsequent jobs as well.
    Your Toughest Work:
    Save the easy stuff for yourself.  We don’t want all your work, just your toughest work.  Not because we charge more for it, but because it makes us better at what we do.  Sooner or later, we get everybody’s toughest work, but that’s why we are so good.
    Many of our customers have the same capability as we do, but they’d rather use us.  We’ll take your overloads and rushes any time it’s convenient.  We haven’t succeeded in this business for 30 years by dragging our heels.
    Additional Services Available:
    We’ll not only design your printed circuit boards, but the card cages that hold them, the cabinets that house them and even the manufacturing equipment that makes them.  Our mechanical design expertise ranges from the electro-mechanical packaging to sheet metal and from molds to castings.
    One-Stop Shop:
    We design just about everything that you need and use.  So when your marketing department informs you the they’ve just sold new product with multilayer, controlled impedance, surface mount components on both sides and a new housing to put it in, give us a call.  Chances are, we’ve already done a few, and we can take the pain out of the project.
    And if we haven’t yet mentioned what you’re looking for, don’t be afraid to ask.  Chances are, we’ve already done that too.