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    Refreshed Website!

    We have a new look to our website! Check it out and see what we have to offer! Use the secure email form on the right side of our page to contact us for a quote or any questions!


    New Production Supplies!!!

    Just to update everyone, we have purchased NEW Production Basics C-Leg Benches with ESD surfaces and mats.  Nice black frame with gray tops.  ALSO, we have purchased NEW OKI (Metcal) MFR2222 soldering stations with all new tips.  This allows us to have 2 separate irons running at the same time with full power!  We also have NEW OC White Green-Lite Magnifying lights.

    Don't forget, we have the Molex TM-3000 crimper and the Carpenter pre-feeder and wire prep system ready to go for all your needs!!!



    Molex TM3000 Press

    We just purchased a Molex TM3000 Press and 3 applicators...bring on the business!!!


    Tyton Printer

    Purchased a Tyton/Hellerman printer a few week back and VERY happy with it's use.  Bought a TT230SM from Sager Electronics for a great deal and using the heat shrink labels going forward for all we can.


    Cable Tie Processing Machine...

    Looking at new Tyton QS101 cable tie process machine, check it out!!!  Looks like it will save a boat load of time instead of hand processing.  Will be seeing it on March 30th 2011, hopefully it matches what we hope it does...stay tuned for results of the demo.